Proposed Bill Medical Marijuana

The New Jersey Assembly Appropriations Committee passed on October 26, 2020, regarding the obligation of workers’ compensation carriers and automobile insurers to pay for costs of medical marijuana.

The Proposed Bill A S3406 and A4505 States as follows:

“Notwithstanding the provisions of subsection a. of this section, an employer or workers’ compensation carrier or private passenger automobile insurance carrier shall provide coverage for costs associated with the medical use of marijuana."

The Bill further provides, “c.  Notwithstanding any provision of the insurance policy to the contrary, if for any reason payment by the insurer to the medical cannabis dispensary is not feasible, the insurer shall remit directly to the insured the costs for any benefits associated with the medical use of cannabis upon proof of payment by the insured to the medical cannabis dispensary.”

"4. Workers’ compensation benefits paid by any employer or a workers' compensation insurance carrier of an employer for an injury to an employee under R.S.34:15-1 et seq. shall include coverage for costs associated with the medical use of marijuana provided that:

a. The employee is a qualifying patient authorized for the medical use of marijuana pursuant to P.L.2009, c.307(C.24:6I-1 et 13al); and

b. At least one other medication or treatment has been attempted and found to be unsuccessful in treating the patient’s debilitating medical condition."


This all may when the State of New Jersey and the Federal Government legalize marijuana recreational use.  Stay tuned!

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